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Work with us at the TMC Institute in Tashkent

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Foundation, Business, IT, Tourism and Hospitality, Logistics, Accounting


We are looking for a well-organized, resourceful professor to join our excellent faculty. The professor's responsibilities include, but are not limited to, teaching a requisite number of foundation and undergraduate classes, assisting with the development of course material, supervising students, regularly publishing journal articles, serving on committees, attending conferences, writing proposals for grants, delivering presentations, and handling other administrative duties. Prior experience is vital for successful application.


Lecturer Management


1. Recruit candidates
2. Hire the right employees
3. Process payroll
4. Conduct disciplinary actions
5. Update policies
6. Maintain employee records
7. Conduct benefit analysis


Financial Department


Preparing accounts and tax returns.
Monitoring spending and budgets.
Auditing and analysing financial performance.
Financial forecasting and risk analysis.
Advising on how to reduce costs and increase profits.
Compiling and presenting financial and budget reports.

Exam Unit Crew

Assessment Department


Obtaining assignments, rubrics, and accompanying declarations.
Reviewing the quality, cogency, structure, and presentation of responses.
Clearing deviations from marking guidelines ahead of time.
Grading elements of each submission and the submission as a whole to arrive at a final mark.
Returning graded tasks along with your feedback and supporting paperwork.
Responding to assignment-related concerns.
Suggesting improvements to existing rubrics.


Library Manager


Required work experience: 1–3 years
Full time
• Higher education level is required;
• Knowing Russian, Uzbek and English Languages on an advanced level;
• experienced user of office software (MS Office);
• good organizational skills, responsible person;
• excellent hospitality manners and detail orientation.
Main responsibilities:
• management of the library resources • supervising the Learning Resource Center automation and security procedures;
• coordinating the circulation and inventory of media resources;
• personal assistance to the managing body.
New openings will be posted soon.
New openings will be posted soon.

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