Financial Aid

TMC offers full scholarship for 10 student who will demonstrate their academic excellence every year.


You are eligible to apply to the TMC Scholarship if you have at least IELTS 6.5 or higher or comparable score from TOEFL or Pearson tests.

While considering for the scholarship, other academic, sports and extracurricular achievements will be evaluated. The Scholarship Committee will assess aforementioned requirements and may ask the student to participate in an interview with the academic team.

If the student will pass the interview successfully, he or she will be awarded with the scholarship up to 100% for 4 years of studies. If the student is not invited to the interview after initial assessment, he or she will be informed through the e-mail or telephone call about their application status.

Students awarded with the scholarship are required to maintain academic performance of at least 70% at the end of each academic year to continue receiving it. Students who fail to keep up with this requirement may lose their scholarship merits.

Eligibility through the TMC Inner Exam

Students, who wish to receive the scholarship through TMC Inner Exam are required to score at least 70% to pass to the interview stage. Applicatints, who scored between 40% and 69% are eligible for enrollment on paid basis. Applicants, who scored lower than 40% are not eligible for enrollment but encouraged to retake the exam. 

Assessment of TMC Inner Exam

Your exam papers are entirely assessed by TMCI Exam Board. According to the guidelines, to pass the exam, the applicant must score no lower than 35% in each section. This policy applies to both scholarship and regular exams. 

The Dean's Scholarship

We are pleased to announce that apart from the TMC Scholarships, students with high IELTS scores (or equivalent TOEFL scores) are also eligible to apply to the Dean’s Scholarship. Students who are successfully enrolled to the foundation course and have paid full tuition will receive:

  • IELTS 7.0 – 20% reduction for the first year;
  • IELTS 7.5+ – 30% reduction for the first year

The students do not need to make another application for this scholarship, it will be awarded automatically if aforementioned conditions are met. 


Students receive a full

scholarship for 4 years.


of our students reduce
their costs by working
at least part-time.

The Financial Aid Process

01. Apply for Aid

Apply to any program. Fill the application. There is no separate application for the scholarship.

02. Documents

Submit the required documents and wait for the admission team’s call.

03. Assessment

Any application is considered for the full scholarship. However, there is no criteria for the scholarship. The better your academic background the higher chance you have.


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